Irish Language Classes Fall 2022

The Irish American Club is pleased to announce that Irish language classes will return this fall !

There will be 3 levels for beginner, intermediate and advanced beginner students.

Come on out and join us in keeping this beautiful language alive!

Please see the attached for the course description and dates!

Beginners Level:   This level would be for learners who are starting their journey in Irish.  We will cover the basic linguistic characteristics of the language, and practice with short conversations regarding the following:  simple greetings, introductions, family members, likes and dislikes with respect to food, drink and activities, simple jobs. Grammar focus is on present tense.

Beginners Intermediate:  This level would be for learners from the 2021-2022 beginners last year and those who may have had some Irish learning before.  We will review what we have learned and work on conversations dealing with family, travel, daily routines, etc. Grammar work will be on learning how to use the past tense.

Advanced Beginners:  This level is for learners who have three or more years of Irish.  We will be reading short texts or watching  short  videos with Irish audio.  Pieces will be chosen from each dialect. We will review past and future tenses. We will practice reading Irish with confidence and answering simple questions with ease. 

Sourcebook:  Now You´re Talking: While this is an older book, it is considered one of the best around and it is online for free.  It is in Ulster Irish.  In class  we will work with conversations in the other dialects as well as other sourcebooks.

Class meetings:  In person classes will be at the Maine Irish Heritage Center, 34 Gray St. in Portland. Due to prior commitments in October  and already scheduled events at the Maine Irish Heritage Center, I could not schedule bi-weekly meetings for the Fall Semester.  Please take note of the dates.

Beginners Class will meet Thursday nights 7-8:30 pm  on the following dates:  September 15 (in person);  September 22 (in person); September 29 (Zoom); October 20 (in person); November 3 (Zoom); November 10 (in person); December 1 (Zoom), December 15 (Zoom).

Beginners Intermediate Class will meet on Wednesday nights 7-8:30 pm on the following dates:  September 14 (in person); September 21 (in person); September 28 (Zoom); October 19 (in person); November  2  (Zoom); November 9 (in person); November 30 (Zoom); December 14 (Zoom)

Advanced Beginners Class will meet on Friday nights 7-8:30 pm on the following dates:  September 9 (in person); September 23 (in person); September 30 (Zoom); October 21 (in person); November 4 (Zoom); November 11 (Zoom); December 2 (Zoom); December 16 (Zoom)

Note: We can adjust the in-person/ Zoom meetings if we encounter inclement weather.

Cost for the 8 sessions: The fee will be $25 for members of the Irish American Club and $50 for non-members. Please note that Club membership is available at $25/year for individuals and $40/year for a family. If you join as an individual, your cost for the fall session is the same and you will save $25 as a member if you enroll in the spring session. Membership information is at:

Payment for the language classes should be sent to:

Irish American Club of Maine

PO Box 1683

Portland, ME  04104

Please include which level you will be attending and your email address.